Sustainability and environment

Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt

The topics of sustainability and the environment are very important to us. For us, bicycles are basically a step to contribute to the topic of environmental protection. By using the bike instead of the car you can already save a lot of CO2 and at the same time promote your own health and fitness.

In addition, we try to reuse as much packaging as possible for shipping to conserve resources. For this we work together with different companies.

Did you know that 30 soccer fields of forest are destroyed every minute? In order to conserve the earth's limiting resources, we have chosen to reuse shipping cartons as often as possible. We also reuse shipping boxes that are discarded by other companies on a daily basis. So if you ever get a shipping box from us that doesn't look like new or may have another company's logo on it, this is intentional. We would be happy if you would support us in saving the resources of the environment.

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