Would you like to lease your new DARKSIDE bike through your employer or as a freelancer with bike leasing? Perfect!

On this page we would like to explain to you briefly and simply which steps are necessary to lease your bike through bike leasing.

In principle, bike leasing is equally possible for employees and the self-employed - the procedure for processing differs.

The benefits remain the same - with the Bikeleasing benefit calculator you can easily calculate your individual savings:



  1. Your employer concludes a cooperation with Bikeleasing and receives a company code for the employees.
  2. You must register as an employee at https://portal.bikeleasing.de/registration with your employer's company code. You will then receive an 8-digit code as a bike leasing user ID for the leasing request from us as a dealer.
  3. If you have found your dream bike with us, let us know and your 8-digit bike leasing user ID.
  4. We will then create your leasing offer.
  5. Bikeleasing will send you an email to review the rental agreement. If the offer fits, you sign the transfer agreement. The leasing contract is then sent to the employer for approval. Your employer will then receive a notification to review and approve the leasing agreement.
  6. Bikeleasing then sends you, your employer and us as a specialist retailer the release for takeover by e-mail.
  7. We will then notify you when you can pick up your bike or when we have shipped it.

You can find more information about bike leasing for employees here .



  1. Register with Bikeleasing.
  2. Choose your dream bike in our shop and tell us about it and your user ID.
  3. We create a leasing request in the bike leasing portal.
  4. You then check the leasing contract and sign it.
  5. Bikeleasing will then inform us and we will let you know when you can pick up your bike or when we will ship it to you.

You can find more information about bike leasing for the self-employed and freelancers here .