Warranty & Guarantee

You now own a high quality Darkside bike, designed and manufactured with the utmost care. According to the European warranty conditions, the warranty period is two years from the date of delivery to the customer. As proof of purchase, please retain your proof of purchase for the duration of the warranty. Keep the proof of purchase in a safe place. In addition to the general two-year warranty period, a reverse burden of proof applies for a period beginning six months after purchase. After this six-month period, the purchaser must prove that the defect existed at the time of delivery of the product and was not in fact caused by improper maintenance, misuse or functional wear and tear. If you have any questions, please contact Darkside Customer Service.

▪ Two-year warranty from date of delivery.

▪ The warranty only covers material defects and processing faults that were already present at the time of delivery.

In addition to the statutory warranty, a voluntary warranty of 2 years is granted on frames and forks. Your warranty will be activated only after your registration and receipt of your proof of professional assembly. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Should the product be transferred to another person, this warranty will be voided. Warranty will be provided, at our option, by replacement or repair of parts found to be defective using identical or comparable parts, depending on the state of technical development. Work carried out under warranty will not result in an extension of the warranty, unless national legislation provides for special provisions in this regard. The shipping costs for the return are to be paid by the buyer.

The warranty does not apply to:

▪ maintenance (lubrication, adjustments) or any parts subject to functional wear, unless there is a production or material defect (tires, tubes, brake pads, freewheels, sprockets, chainring, chains, handlebar tape, grips, saddle, brake lines, brake line housing, seals, etc.).

▪ Damage caused by improper use and force majeure (see Appendix A Intended use of your bike).

▪ Damage caused by improper or poor maintenance and care, non-professional repairs, conversions or replacement of parts.

▪ Damage caused by accidents or other unusual external influences, insofar as these are not due to product defects.

▪ Repairs with used parts or consequential damage due to these.

▪ Damage caused under competitive conditions.

▪ Subsequent add-on parts not included in the scope of delivery at the time of delivery or damage caused during the installation of these parts.

Note: Surface irregularities on carbon components (small dents and pores) and/or color irregularities (especially on UD carbon) are unavoidable for manufacturing reasons. This does not constitute a defect.